Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay Program

Unforeseen circumstances happen to all of us. And sometimes, they seem to happen at just the wrong time. Whether it is an unanticipated car repair, a mistake while balancing your checkbook or unexpected expenses, these situations can cause stress and embarrassment and can impact personal financial management.

Long Beach City Employees Federal Credit Union (Credit Union) understands these events can happen to all of us. That's why we offer a Courtesy Pay program.

What Is Courtesy Pay?

Courtesy Pay is a service available to members, who opt-in that allows the Credit Union, at our discretion, to pay items that would normally be returned Non-Sufficient Funds.

How does Courtesy Pay work?

Overdrafts on your eligible checking account, including the amount of the overdrawn item(s) and the Courtesy Pay fee(s), may be honored by the Credit Union.

 1. A Courtesy Pay fee of $25 will be assessed for each item that draws your account negative up to a maximum of five (5) Courtesy Pay fees per day. You must then bring your account back to a positive balance as soon as possible, and at maximum of 30 days.

What If I Already Have Overdraft Protection?

If you have established alternate overdraft protection methods such as automatic transfer from your other accounts, we will look first to these methods of overdraft protection before applying our Courtesy Pay program.

Do I Have to Apply for This Service?

You must provide your consent (opt-in) to take advantage of Courtesy Pay Program.

You may choose to opt out and no longer participate in the Courtesy Pay program at any time by coming into the branch or calling the Credit Union and completing the Courtesy Pay opt out form.

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