Schedule of Fees

At LBCEFCU, we take pride in providing affordable access to the financial services we offer. Whenever possible, our services are provided at no cost to our member-owners. Some services require that we pass along our costs in the form of fees. Typically, you'll find that the fees we do charge are lower than those charged at many other financial institutions.




Membership fee – ($5.00 minimum deposit to Primary Share Required)

No Charge



Checking account fee

No Charge

Starter and temporary checks (4 checks)


Check printing


Check copy (per copy)


Transfer fee (per transfer)


Returned item – insufficient funds Check/Debit/ACH (per item)


Stop payment- Check/ACH /Bill Pay (per item)


Courtesy Pay overdraft fee (per item) (maximum of 5 overdraft fees per day) Available May 2019




Same day loan payments via the phone (maximum payment = $900)

3% of payment amount

Automatic payment reject insufficient funds (per payment)




Account research (per hour)


Statement copy (per item)


Cashier’s check (per item)


Money order (per item)


Verification of deposit (per item)


Incoming wire (per wire)

No Charge

Outgoing domestic wire (per wire)


Outgoing international wire (per wire)


Dormant account notification fee (per mailed notice)


Inactivity Fee Members with savings only, less than $250 and over the age of 18 (per month)


Escheat Fee Account balance sent to the State after 36 months


Coin machine service- members

No Charge

Coin machine service- non members (per transaction)

7% of transaction

Next day Bill Pay (per item)


Out of Network ATM Transaction fee (per item) Free Transactions on CO-OP network*1


Foreign Currency Exchange fee on ATM/Debit or Visa Card

No Charge

Debit Card Replacement (per card)




Processing of legal documents- levies, judgments, subpoenas (per item)


Notary Service- Only available for Credit Union service related documents.


*All fees will be assessed at the time of service or deducted from your acount. If the balance is not-suficient, Long Beach City Employees Federal Credit Union may charge any of your accounts for any fee due. Any fees or charges assessed to the Credit Union for extra service or special handling of your account will be passed on to you. We reserve the right to change this Fee Schedule at any time. We will notify you as required by law of any changes in charges that may be imposed on an account. *1 CO-OP Network (Including Credit Union ATMs) are free. Point of Sale transactions are free from our $1 surcharge, however, the merchant may have a surcharge. Fees may be charged by ATM Networks not affiliated with the CO-OP Network.



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