Board of Directors & Supervisory Committee

Advocating for every member

Credit Unions are financial cooperatives that are democratically controlled by member-owners just like you. Our all-volunteer board is made up of members from the City of Long Beach. They were elected to these positions by our members and make decisions on behalf of you because they know you and are you! The Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee members all volunteer their time to monitor the operations, mission, goals and vision of the credit union while guiding us toward a brighter future.

Board of Directors

  • Terry Evans, Chairman of the Board
  • Malcolm Oscarson, Vice Chairman
  • John Kruse, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Beverly Bartlow-Nieves, Director
  • Amy Manning, Director
  • Paul Fujita, Director
  • Pat Burns, Director
  • Julissa Jose-Murray, Director
  • Sam Joumblat, Director

Supervisory Committee

  • Jeff Evans, Chairman
  • Ed Nelson, Vice Chairman
  • Alan Kosoff
  • Robert Woods
  • Brandon Walker
  • Ana DeAnda, Advisory Member