Card Controls Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started using Card Controls for my Debit Card?

Log in to your LBCEFCU account online or with your mobile app. Locate Card Controls under Alerts & Notifications (online), or from “More” or Menu (mobile app).

How do I turn my card OFF, then back ON?

From the first/main screen you encounter in Card Controls, tap on the toggle switch to turn your Debit Card ON or OFF.

How quickly does the ON/OFF status (or other limits) on my card take effect?

Card Controls changes are effective instantly, so you have complete control of your card.

Can I manage Card Controls on more than one Debit Card?

Yes. From the first/main Card Controls screen, select the Debit Card from a list of cards on your LBCEFCU account.

If I turn my Debit Card OFF, will my recurring transactions be blocked?

No, your recurring transactions will not be blocked. They will continue to be processed, even when your card is turned OFF.

How do I customize my Debit Card alerts and specify alert types?

Tap on Alerts and set your preferences by Merchant Type, Transaction Type, and Spend Limits. You may also restrict your card from international use in Location Type.

Where do I specify whether to receive alerts by email, text or both?

  • From your online account, at the top right of the screen, choose Notifications | Settings.
  • In your mobile banking app, choose Card Controls | Alert Delivery Options.

Why am I receiving multiple alerts for the same transaction?

You may have alerts with the same parameters set up under both Card Controls Alerts and Online Banking Alerts and Notifications.

Can I use Card Controls to notify LBCEFCU about my travel plans?

No, travel notifications cannot be submitted via Card Controls at this time. Please contact us at (800) 595-4725 before you travel, so your Debit Card activity is not flagged as fraud.

How do I turn OFF Debit Card alerts?

In Card Controls, turn OFF each alert in the individual menus for Merchant Type, Transaction Type, Spend Limits, and Location Type.

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